lovely little ladies

Every spring I look forward to the return of my favorite blooms…Lady Slippers. They are perhaps the most sentimental wildflower for me. Just before Easter my beautiful Grandma Ruby would gather all the ladies in our family for our annual little adventure in the woods. There we would carefully pluck these fragrant flowers from the forest floor. We then would take them home, along with bunches of moss and make wonderfully rustic centerpieces to serve as a representation of new life. This year these lovely little ladies decided to bloom a little late. Just today they were discovered as my daughter and I wandered around in the woods. They were a happy sight to say the least. Spring just isn’t spring without them. As I instructed my daughter as I once was on how to pick with care my thoughts went to my own childhood. I hope that someday these sentimental wildflowers will bring as much joy to my daughter’s heart  as they have to mine. Here’s to keeping precious family traditions alive!



2 thoughts on “lovely little ladies

    • Well thank you so very much! It’s always wonderful to hear kind words from strangers…Some how it often means something more to the creative soul.

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