far too soon to leave the nest

Today my little girl came into my bedroom dragging behind her a green suitcase packed with play clothes. In a very serious tone she informed me that she was just missing her cousin Klara too much and was planning to go live with her. After explaining to her that Mommy’s heart would be so very lonesome without her she tried to comfort me by saying that she would always be in my heart even if she was far away. She then turns and walks down the hall and out to the front deck. I watched through the window as she stood there for a moment. As she turned back to face the front door I could see that her look of determination had quickly faded into a look of regret. I ran out to her with my arms wide open. “Mommy…I was so afraid to leave you that it hurt right to my heart.” She then proceeded to cry for a good five minutes. Her poor little remorseful heart was broken. After explaining to her that no matter what she did or where she went she would always have a place in my heart and in our home her tears relented. “Oh thank you Mommy…Thank you!”  Appearing to be sufficiently reassured she climbed down off of my lap and went to retrieve her suitcase so she could officially “move back in”. As she unpacked, pure joy read all over her beautiful face. “Look Mommy…I’m home again!” I was so happy to see that all was right in her world again…and in mine! Just a moment away from home had taught her that she was not quite ready to fly out on her own.

Welcome home my sweet little adventurous Annah Jewel! May your dreams of adventure take you far…some day…But for now my baby bird…may you stay safely in our nest surrounded by the security of my wings.



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