miss annah jewel

My sweet little baby girl is four years old today. I will spare you the line about how quickly it has gone because I am sure at this point everyone in the world is well aware that this is what time does…it goes. God has been pumping into my heart over the course of my children’s lives the importance of celebrating what was, what is, and what will be.

There should be no grieving the loss of the seasons past…Although sometimes I find myself wanting to ball up on the ground and sob because my “baby” is no longer an actual baby any more(Yes three years later and I’m still dealing with it people;). There should be no attempt to hang onto to the moment that is now…Although sometimes I feel myself wanting to hold on so tightly to “now” that I begin to squeeze the life out of something that needs room to grow for tomorrow…Like my little baby’s independence. There should be no worry or fear of the untraveled road ahead…Although as I see the part where our paths break apart my anxiety filled heart says “Let me grab my baby and run back the other way Lord!”. I’ve been told this is completely normal;)

Yes, today is meant to be celebrated! Annah is meant to be celebrated…For who she was, who she is, and who she will be. But let us all remember that no matter who, what, when or where…She will always…and I mean always…be my baby. Which right now is fine by her…Which right now makes my heart smile! Anyways…

Happy Birthday to my fancy dress wearing, barefoot puddle jumping, beautifully head strong little Annah Jewel! Time to celebrate yet another wonderful moment…day…year…with you…and many more…on channel four;)



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