that’s my man

So you know that obnoxious wife that is always yelling things like “That’s my man!” whenever her husband does something resembling great and wonderful…Well that’s me! This for some reason does not seem to bring as much joy to my husbands heart as it does mine;) In fact you can usually see just how much “joy” it brings by the less then appreciative look on his face. Which in truth is mostly why I keep doing it. Oh love…It makes you do crazy things. Which sometimes includes making the other one crazy…Seriously…Just keepin it real people;) Anyways…My man just so happens to be having a Birthday tomorrow. I am so stinkin excited for what this next year will look like for him! Now this is where I get all obnoxiously proud and braggy…So Joel…Let’s try to keep the eye rolling to a minimum!

Recently my husband decided to take health by the horns. In theory this was something we were suppose to be doing together but his incredible determination and dedication far over shadow the minimal changes I have chosen to make for myself….so far! The fact that he has been able to concentrate on his health, while working crazy camp hours, volunteering like a mad man, and making time for family is truly amazing!! I cannot tell you just how puffed up with pride this makes me…It kinda makes me want to stand up and shout out at the top of my lungs…That’s my man! You knew it was coming;)

So…My darling, my love, my cupcake…my man…(I’m sure you have that look on your face right now…Which only brings me joy…sugar biscuit;) I wish you the happiest Birthday…and the happiest year of health!! You deserve it!



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