I knew this man

I knew this man. He was pretty great. Not because he desired it to be so…but because he just was. He was unapologetically imperfect and unconditionally excepting. He saw beauty and purpose in the flaws and failures that make us human. His words were spoken without filter and instead flowed out with pure and simple honesty. He was humble…Never seeking out the praise or recognition he so deserved. He quietly served…Which spoke volumes to me. He taught with intent, with patience and with grace. As a sheep he followed without question. As a shepard he lead without fear. His faith in the Lord remained unshaken. His faithfulness to his family…to his friends…to his flock…remained steadfast. He was as God created him to be…Great. I knew this man…and I thank God that I did.

(For Wayne…So glad I got to call you friend)


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