a heart like yours

Out of all the wisdom your life has spoke into mine perhaps the lesson I am most grateful for is to have learned to love like you. To love without boundaries…requiring your heart to daily look upward for guidance and direction. To love with a heart quick to forgive and slow to walk away. To love so deeply that the pain of others weighs heavy enough on your heart…that it drops you to your knees. To love without fear of sacrificing ones self. To love openly and honestly…exposing your weaknesses so that others may find strength. To love with an overflowing amount of grace, and understanding. To love blindly…no…rather…love with your eyes wide open…without prejudice or judgment. To love with a heart full of praise…and song…allowing your little light to shine. To just simply love for Love’s sake. Yes…these are just some of the many lessons of love I learned from you along the way…but amongst them there is still one that made all the difference to a little heart being shaped by you…To not only love…but to truly cherish the lives God has blessed you to be a part of…This love…this lesson…I continue to carry close to my heart…A heart that I hope now …looks a lot…like yours.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!



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