life off the cutting room floor

Just last month my lovely niece (who just so happens to be an amazing photographer) came to visit. Me being the apparent opportunist that I am I snatched her up and put her to work…Because isn’t that what you are suppose to do to family when they come to see you on their vacation;) Yes I know…It’s not what you are suppose to do…Which is exactly what my husband (A.K.A. Mr. Etiquette;)  told me after he shot me a few disapproving glances. Fortunately for me my niece is just as sweet as she is talented! Not only did she take the photos while she was here…but she edited them…I know I know…I feel really guilty about it. Anyways…When she handed over the photos she let me know that there were some unedited photos on the disk that had not made the cut. As I scanned through I was first of course impressed by all the incredible shots she was able to take…but then I came to the unedited…Have mercy! The moments she captured in between the beautifully posed pictures were priceless. I just had to share my top three favorites with you. Please note…these photos are not the true reflection of my niece’s abilities…but rather a reflection of our true family life…the one straight off the cutting room floor.

First up is the “Mama Lecture Shot” I believe I was explaining to them (as once was explained to me by my mother) that sometimes we are called to serve others in ways we may not have chosen for ourselves simply because in doing so we bring someone else joy…and in turn our hearts will then be filled with joy. It’s called conditioning a servants heart…It’s called Mama wants you to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart long enough for your cousin to take our stinkin pictures;)

Next comes the “So Maybe Mama Doesn’t Always Know Best Shot” This was my attempt of recreating a photo we had taken when Annah was just a baby. Obviously there may have been a little less sunshine then…and a whole lot less sharing of their “independent thoughts” on the situation…”This is not a good idea Mom! The sun is burning my eyeballs. I can’t do this anymore!!” Can’t or wont soldier…Can’t or won’t…Life was so much simpler when he was two;) ha

Finally comes the “Pile of Love Shot” We did finally get a few fun shots out of this pose but this one may be my personal favorite. Jonah and I are certainly two peas in a pod. We lack the ability to externally hide what we are feeling on the internal…Which in this shot was pain…lots and lots of pain. Annah may not have inherited the “gentle gene” which certainly became more evident as she hurled herself on top of the pile. But oh what a beautiful pile it is!

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