a little summer magic

When my husband goes out onto the front porch with his guitar in hand you better believe we all follow right behind him. He is our “Pipe Piper”…so to speak;) I truly think there is very little else we enjoy doing together more then a little front porch sittin’ and singin’. (We’re kinda cheesy like that;) Music is our common love language. It provides the rhythm to which our hearts can beat together. (See I told you we’re kinda cheesy…or maybe it’s just me…Yeah…Pretty sure it’s just me;)

When I was a young girl (Ya know…before I became a “Young” woman…Oh the cheesiness just keeps comin’…Okay…I’m done now;) I remember watching an old Disney film called Summer Magic for the first time and falling quickly in love with it. Finding ourselves in a very similar moment to a rather “magical” scene in the film, a song from that scene came to mind.

Three creaky wooden stairs. Those squeaky rocking chairs. The well worn welcome mat. The lattice vines. The happy times. All I want to do. When the day is through. Is linger here on the front porch with you. From the wicker swing. While the night birds sing.  We’ll watch the fireflies sparkin’…Do some sparkin’ too. (Some sparkin’ too!) How the hours fly…as the moon drifts by. How sweet the air…as we stare…at the sight.  Oh! How I love to linger here like this. Hold your hand, and steal a kiss..or two. On the front porch with you.”

I hope your summer has been filled with some magical moments as well!

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