lack of sleep… lack of thoughts

A night filled with thunder storms, scary dreams, and one giant sinus headache lead into an early morning operating on just a few moments of sleep. This day, barley started…already seems to look a bit daunting…Even in the midst of this very posting my sweet baby girl came in complaining of a tummy ache. As I lovingly placed her on my lap…Well I’m sure you can all imagine what happened next. Yes this day may indeed be a challenge…but surprisingly my heart feels ready for it…My mind…Let’s just hope it catches up.

Sooo…Given the current events…and my lack of ability to process complete thoughts  I must leave you with really not much at all…Except one brief glimpse into an ever so familiar moment of young motherhood. Now time to nurse the sick, nurture the healthy, and hopefully get in a little nap….Oh…and massive cups of tea…Oh yes there will need to be tea;)

Farewell for now dear friends…Until I can think again…Until I can think again…


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