vintage fabric… oh the possibilities

Okay…So I don’t think anyone could question my love for all things vintage. Among the many little items that I pick up here and there vintage fabric has to be one of my many…many…many great weaknesses. I have limited myself to one large tote…but after my last buying trip that large tote …just wasn’t large enough. After sorting through it all I really could not seems to part with any of those amazing, charm filled textiles. So I decided to put some of it to work. First up was two amazing scraps of houndstooth. The first scrap was just the right size for cozy throw…or according to Jonah…a superhero cape. A few stitches later…project complete. The second scrap I was happy to discover…had actually been sewn together in a tube shape…How I missed this…Who knows;) Given the size and the work that had already been put into it I decided to make a large body pillow perfect for watching movies…reading books…and apparently…extreme pillow fighting. Again it only took a few stitches and of course a bit of fluff for the inside. The last piece of fabric that I used was a sweet pink floral print. I had just brought home a well worn over sized embroidery hoop and thought the pairing of the two would be perfect! The finished product now hangs in Annah’s room. She loves it! With all of that glorious fabric put to use my tote now closes…With a little room to spare….Just the way I like it;) Oh the possibilities!!

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