snap happy

To say that I’m a bit “snap happy” is a bit of an understatement…Okay it’s a grand one. I’ve loved and appreciated photography for ever and always. In High School I took a photography class where we learned the great art of photography on ancient film cameras. I loved it…Okay so maybe I didn’t…I loved the idea of it;) My teacher was rather intense. Not really the creative free spirited soul one would think a photography teacher would be. Of course now I wish  I could have looked beyond the stale presentation of information and absorbed a bit of it. Ya live and learn people…Most of the time;)

Anyways…Over the last several years I have been dreaming of getting a manual camera…Just like the good ol’ days…Well…minus the ancient part;) A DSLR seemed like the ticket! This purchase was done with a lot of dragging of feet….Not my feet…My husbands. You see…I don’t exactly have the best history when it comes to our cameras. I think within the last four years I have damaged…four cameras…It’s an annual affair. So the idea of putting out the cash for what in 12 months may be trash was not all that appealing for him…Go figure;) After reassuring him that I would take care of it…and clean it…and take it for walks…wait…never mind…he finally said…I guess. Good enough for me!

After deciding that we were going to take a chance on a girls amateur photography dream (yes I am that girl;) it still took us several months to decide on a model. I knew it would need to be entry level. Something a little less fancy and pricey because…I’m a beginner…and I’m clumsy…and…let us not forget…forgetful (A.K.A. I am a person who thinks not of where their feet may be as their head is in the clouds…A far more poetic description right;). After consulting a friend we landed on the perfect one. So far we love it…and I’ve only lost track of the lens cap twice! There is still so much that I need to learn…to master…to absorb. I’m so excited! Mr. Strunk would be so proud!!



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