finding our christmas stray

Because of this crazy freeze we have been experiencing we have been cabin bound….for the the most part…for about a week. With Oregon weather being ever so unpredictable I didn’t feel like I could count on the weekend being “freeze free” allowing us to pick up our tree from our Church’s Annual Tree Lot. Already well into December the days of patiently waiting for a Christmas Tree had come to an end. So off the kids and I went to hunt for a scraggly little stray in the woods. Our adventure took us a lot longer and a lot farther then I had originally thought. Just as the kids and I were loosing all hope…and all our charm…there it was. It was sad and lonely and needed a home. Jonah had the great honor of cutting it down…and I had the great honor of dragging it…and my tuckered out troops…all the way back home.

After trimming the branches and shaking off the snow we brought it in and put it in the “perfect place”. This year Jonah and Annah hung every single ornament “all by themselves”…Which apparently I’m told is a very important part of this whole growing up thing they keep trying to do. My little ol’heart hurt just a bit to be left out of the festivities…*sniff*…but they did let me place the star on the top of the tree since they couldn’t quite reach it yet. I’m thinking I may only have a few years left with that privilege;)  It was wonderful to just step back and take in the moment…To just simply watch and enjoy a memory in the making. It was a beautiful sight! Completely and totally delightful…Now…Since we’ve no place to go…Let it snow, let it snow, let snow…or freeze…or rain…or whatever this frightful weather decides to do next;)

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