nine lives

Today marks nine married years lived alongside my childhood sweetheart. What a beautiful gift this life has been. A life…a gift…that was purposefully given and then humbly taken for all that it was worth! Each and every year has carried and held a life all its own…Each with new revitalizing blood flow….Each with its own heartbeat…It’s own rhythm…It’s own breath taking and breath giving moments. We inhaled and exhaled…We rose and we fell…We breathed in the same sweet life supporting air…together…One flesh…One body…One Savior. As we enter into another year of marriage I am sitting here so overwhelmingly grateful for our past “nine lives”. I am grateful for the lessons they have taught me. I am grateful for the journey they have taken me on. I am grateful for the life they have brought me to…and of course for the two little lives they brought to me. But more then anything…right now…in this very moment…I am grateful for the man that I get to share it all with…The man Christ bound my heart and my life to. Here is to year ten…May it be as full of its own life as the ones that came before it. Happy Anniversary My Love!



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