we need a little Christmas

I am in fact one of “those” people that start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving…My Christmas tree…Well…It’s usually put up the day after. I adore crowded shops all dressed up with ribbons and bows. I am captivated by twinkling lights and Christmas Villages all a’glow. Candy canes and gingerbread men usually find their way to my home each and every year. The smell of cinnamon and oranges bring me right back to so many Christmas memories of long ago. I guess you could say…I love a little Christmas.

My husband…Bah Humbug…Okay so maybe he’s not that bad…but by comparison to let’s say…me…he’s a little “Scrooge-y”. Commercial Christmas tends to have that effect on many a good soul…With good reason. Over the years we have tried to get away from it as much as we could. We never have been “over the top” present buyers and…now brace yourself…we have never been Santa believers. I know…my children are deprived…Well…Not really. ↓

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Anyways…This year I wanted to simplify our Christmas even more.  I wanted it to be about tradition, fellowship, “giftless giving” and the gospel truth. I wanted to pull back all the layers of red and green and expose what lays at the heart of it all.  This is easier said then done for someone who enjoys the glitter and sparkle the holidays bring. One evening as I was looking at our simplified amount of presents tucked under the tree I started having second thoughts about this “little Christmas” we had prayerfully planned. Was I depriving my children? I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it as it was time for bed.

As I tucked my son in and he began to pray I suddenly received some unexpected reassurance. “Dear God, I just want to pray that all the kids in the world could just get a bible for Christmas. If they had one they could read what Christmas is all about. And God…Everyone knows that toys are really, really, really fun *looks at me with one eye and smiles* but some kids don’t know that Christmas isn’t about toys…It’s about celebrating Jesus’s Birthday…So if you could send them bibles that would be awesome…Amen!” And there it was…The reason for our simplified season. “For we need a little Christmas…Right this very minute…” and the next…and the next…and the all the ones to follow.

(Please Note: This is not an attempt to promote our “above it all-itude” or “got it all together-ness” . We are flawed…As are you…Merry Christmas;)


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