our love grows wild and free

I have been such a mixed bag of emotions lately…My poor family. Each moment of the day seems to reach in and pull out some new overwhelming feeling to process and understand. I find myself in a constant state of question. Life has brought on so much bitter sweetness lately. It has forced me to morn the loss and celebrate the birth of the very same moment.

Strange this time is…It should seem familiar to me…This ever wondering state of being. I cross this path quite often. Mostly I blame the ones that took this road ahead of me. The ones that have told me to grieve the time lost and fear the loss of time left. They have left behind their little nuggets of wisdom for me to follow…”You will never get these moments back” they warn. “These are the days” they say…”Enjoy it while it lasts”. It is as if this life they describe (the one often drenched in their own regret) can only be lived with eternal mourning.

I would love for someone to just simply say…Grow as they are growing… Be present, be grateful, be content. Live and let live. Prepare your heart for the changing seasons. Tend to it…as you tend to your children. Let them see your love grow wild and free. At least that’s what I always say…You know…When I’m not saying just how terribly I miss my “babies” being babies;)

Note to Self: Practice what you preach! Can I get a witness? 

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P.S. I took these sweet little photos for this year’s “Funny Valentines”. We went with a woodland theme. I think my mind has been on all things growing wild and free…Let it go and let them grow people! Amen? Hallelujah!!


2 thoughts on “our love grows wild and free

  1. Oh Kara! Enjoy ever moment!!! Don’t mourn the loss of time. Always look to the future that God has planned for all of us, big and small. Tuck all the memories away for a later date! Just continue to enjoy your children and each season as it comes. Love you!!!!

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